Feb 14, 2008

A Few Changes & Arabian Nights

The other night I watched the 2000 Hallmark miniseries of Arabian Nights. Its a delightful production that stresses the importance of stories and storytelling:

"People need stories more than bread itself. They tell us how to live and why."

It helped me over a hump I've had with trying to work out how to make a "game" out of fairytales, and yet stay true to their spirit. The answer is don't try - simply aim to tell, or have the players create and tell, a good story. If its a good story it will have an integrity shared with fairytales and folktales. This starts to sound more like shared storytelling than traditional roleplaying, so I'm really not sure where its heading.

Does this sound prententious ? ("Pretentious? Moi? " ). The other necessary ingredient is fun.. stories, storytelling, roleplaying, gaming, should be fun. Fun is not pretentious, or obsessive.

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